Here is what we've done this week:

1) Bonjour


2) Parler de son sport (Talk about your sport)

- Place the sport flashcards on the table and ask the children to choose the sports that they practice. “Tu fais quoi comme sport ? “ (What sport do you do?) They have to answer: “Je fais du judo, de la natation...” (I practice judo, swimming...).

- Workshop 1: Worksheet “Qui fait quoi ?” (Who's doing what?)


3) Tu sais faire … ? (Do you know how to do)

- We are preparing our end-of-year show on the subject: “Je sais faire...” (I know how to do...)

- Explain the structure to the children: “Je sais + verbe a l'infinitif” (I know + infinitive verb). For example, “Je sais nager” (I know how to swim)

- Ask the students what they know. “Tu sais nager, tu sais chanter, tu sais danser ?) (Do you know how to swim, sing, dance?)

- Reading: BD p 37 Alex et Zoe Methode

- Workshop 2: Exercice “Il/elle sait faire...” (He/she knows how to do...) Alex et Zoe p 31 Cahier


4) Au revoir