Here is what we did this week:

1) Bonjour et sign in


2) New Vocab: le temps qu'il fait / the weather

- Montrer les flashcards / show the flashcards and ask the students to look at them, explaining the weather. Ask the question: quel temps fait-il ? (What is the weather). They have to answer: Il fait beau, il pleut, etc. (The weather is nice, it's raining, etc.)

- Workshop 1: Mots croises la meteo / Crossword puzzle the weather - fiche partage EFBA (all)

- Workshop 2: Lis et complete les dessins / read and complete the images – Les loustics p 66 et 67 (all)


3) New sentence structure: C'est chaud/C'est froid (it's hot, it's cold)

- Show the cards to the students and mime the difference between c'est chaud and c'est froid.

- Workshop 3: C'est chaud. C'est froid / It's hot, it's cold 2 fiches personnelles (all except Niall)

Pour Niall, fiches sur la meteo Alex et Zoe 2 + BD

4) Projet pour les vacances de printemps / Project for Spring Break

Please look with your children, they have to complete a chart each day during the Spring Break week. If you're not in California, that's fine too.


5) Au revoir