Here is what we've done this week:

1) Bonjour et sign in


2) New vocabulary: sale ou sucre ? (salty or sweet?)

- Show food to the students and ask them if it's “sale” or “sucre” (salty or sweet). Structure to be used: “c'est sale, c'est sucre” (it's salty, it's sweet)

- Workshop 3: Le sel c'est bon, le sucre, c'est bon... (salt is good with... sugar is good with) Loustics 1 p 61 (all)


3) New theme: Les vetements (clothes)

- Ecoute de la chanson “promenons-nous dans les bois” (listen to the song “let's go walk in the woods”). Then ask the students to mime the actions of the wolf: Je mets mon tee-shirt, je mets mon pantalon, je mets ma cravate, etc. (I put on my tee-shirt, my pant, my tie, etc.) Chanson zig zag 1 livre p 49 (all)

- Use the flash cards and ask the students to choose one outfit and describe with the structure: je mets... (I put on...)

- Workshop 2: les vetements (clothes) Loustics 1 p 64/65 (all)


4) Dominos des vetements


5) Au revoir