This week, we continued our unit about food.

1) Bonjour et sign in


2) New sentence structure: J'aime/je n'aime pas

- Ask the students to say if they like or don't like food/drinks: “tu aimes la pizza ? Tu aimes la citronnade ?” (do you like pizza, do you like lemonade?). They have to answer: oui, j'aime (yes I like it), non, je n'aime pas (no, I dont like it)

- Workshop 1: Sondage (survey) Qu'est-ce que tu aimes ? (What do you like?) Zig zag 1 cahier p 25 (all)

- Workshop 2: Qui aime quoi ? (who likes what?) Loustics 1 p 59 (all)


3) posters, games and reviews


4) Au revoir