Here is what we've done this week:

1) Bonjour and sign in


2) Review les fruits (fruits)

- Chanson “La salade de fruits de Bouba” (song Bouba's fruit salad) Zig zag methode p 27

- Workshop 1: Les fruits (fruits) Zig zag 1 cahier p 23 (all)


3) Au restaurant : Faire une demande polie (At a restaurant: ask politely)

Place all the students around a table with plates, forks, glasses and choose a few students as waiters. The students have to use: “Je voudrais... s'il vous plait” (I would like... please” to order their food or drink.

- Workshop 2: Commander au restaurant (order in a restaurant) Fiche personnelle (all) + fiche mots croises (crossword puzzle) French for kids p 41 (adv)


4) Finish the posters/games


5) Au revoir