This week, we've continued our unit about food. The students love it, they are so much more talkative when it comes to food ;) Like us French people, in fact!

Here's what we did:

1) Bonjour et sign in


2) Review Le dejeuner (lunch)

workshop 1: Fiche qu'est-ce que tu manges/bois au dejeuner ? (what do you eat/drink for lunch?) Fiche personnelle (all)


3) Le gouter, qu'est-ce que c'est ? (the “gouter” what is it?)

Explain the meaning of the gouter in France. Ask the students what kind of food we can eat for “le gouter”: un gateau, un fruit, du fromage, un yaourt... (a cake, a fruit, cheese, a yogurt...)


4) Un gouter sain (a healthy snack)

New vocab: les fruits (fruits) – Dominos des fruits pour apprendre (fruit dominoes to learn)

- Workshop 2: les fruits (fruits) – Loustics p 55 (all)


5) Project: les repas (meals) – Le dejeuner et le gouter


6) Au revoir